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For life-threatening emergencies such as active chest pain, please call 911.

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Emily Jones, Tribal Assistor


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Washington Health Plan Finder (Where to apply)


Health Care Authority (HPF Account Access)

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Washington Health Plan Finder

Health Care Authority

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Tulalip Alternative Resources

Clients are requested to make the phone appointments due to Covid-19. This is to protect the client and staff from possible exposure.


The mission of Alternative Resources is to educate and help connect the tribal community to insurance coverage with the goal of preserving Indian Health Service (IHS) funding.

Process to sign up for health insurance:

  1. Contact Alternative Resources (walk-ins available, located at the health clinic).
  2. Ensure that you have everyone’s social security number that is in your tax filing household (who you claim on taxes, spouses filing joint or separately).
  3. Proof of taxable income (paystubs, mailed per-capita statements, tax statements).
  4. Tribal ID’s if applicable.

Relevant Information

  • Enrollment for Medicaid (Apple Health) and federally recognize tribal members is all year long.
    • Medicaid (Apple Health) eligibility is based on taxable income and tax filing household size.
  • If a tribal member is opting out of health care coverage, this means that they have no insurance.
    • Opting out when Tulalip Contract Health (TCHS) eligible means you only have medical coverage through what TCHS offers and must follow the policy or it can result in no payment.
    • If not CHS eligible, a member would only have access to the medical services that are offered for direct patients (medical and dental services).
  • Apple Health is the same as Medicaid.
  • No longer use paper applications.
  • Medicare is available for people age 65 or older, younger people with disabilities and people with End Stage Renal Disease (permanent kidney failure requiring dialysis or transplant).
    • Tribal members receive Part B reimbursements, inquire for more details.
    • Tribal members receive Part C sponsorship & reimbursements, inquire for more details.