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Diabetes Program


We are a patient centered team approach program designed with an intention to create a place where our compassion meets the needs of our patients, staff and community; where you are welcomed, respected and valued; where healing of the body, mind and spirit can happen.

We offer you a staff who have specialized training in diabetes management as well providers in dental, behavioral health, pharmacy, patient care coordination, wellness and prevention services.

Our Mission: Our mission is to provide diabetes self-management, education, and treatment in a compassionate manner that promotes wellness of mind, body, spirit and the personal value of understanding preventative diabetes care.


  • Healthy Lifestyles which incorporate fresh foods and increased activities
  • Wellness and balance of mind, body and spirit for each person
  • Education and awareness of diabetes and its complications
  • Spiritual, cultural and traditional native values
  • Respect and integration of individual healing paths
  • Drug and Alcohol-free lifestyles

Our commitment to you is to provide the best possible health outcomes by using the latest in technology and if needed the most effective and safest medication therapy available. We utilize the highest level of care using evidence-based practices to promote healing and wellness and we are open to ancestral health practices brought to us by our tribal families.

We believe in you taking an active role in your health and we are here to serve you in your personal pursuit to balance and wellbeing for a lifetime. We are here to support you and your families and we consider this to be our privilege.

    • Our Clinical Care Pharmacists are here to facilitate your educational needs. They are advanced diabetes management specialists and have advanced degrees in pharmacy.
    • Educational topics include:
      • Healthy eating and meal planning
      • Managing blood sugar and blood pressure
      • Taking care of your feet, eyes, kidney, teeth/mouth and heart
      • Becoming or staying active
      • Taking medicines
      • Feelings and emotions and coping with stress
      • Lab tests and immunizations
      • Tobacco use
    • We offer Podiatry services by a provider who has worked for native tribes for decades.
    • Dental care is an important part of your diabetes care and we encourage you to see dental clinic staff at least yearly
    • Vision care is available on site at the health clinic from Everett Optometry
    • We offer diet and nutrition counseling from a registered dietitian who is a member of Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs and Commission of Dietetics
    • Our physical therapists are on site and available for home services.
    • We offer Integrated medical and behavioral health services
    • Complimentary Medicine services such as massage and acupuncture
    • Our primary care providers are here for your overall healthcare needs
    • Puget Sound Kidney Center- we work together to bring our tribal community classes related to kidney health for us to learn why our kidneys are so important to our bodies.
    • Sound Dietitians- these are local dietitians who specialize in the treatment of diabetes and they will be offering on line videos for diabetes and its prevention.
    • Wildroot Botanicals- Owner and Herbalist, Leslie Lekos has been instrumental in working with our team and offers a wide range of herbal remedies. These are hands on classes utilizing our native and garden plant relatives.
    • Garden Treasures Farm for a U-pick experience for the family to enjoy.
    • Klesick Family Farm offers a delivery service of fresh foods to our events.
  • We have developed this offering to our community and patients of the Tulalip Health Clinic with a wide range of opportunities. We do this because we understand everyone learns differently.

    • For those who like outdoor classroom activities we offer: U-pick farm days at Garden Treasures Farm in Arlington, garden days at the diabetes wellness garden and trail, plant harvest and medicine making, greenhouse activities, diabetes day camps and hikes.
    • For those who like indoor classroom activities we offer: conversational map classes for patients with diabetes and can be similar to a support group, diabetes day similar to a health fair, diabetes prevention day, on-line diabetes prevention classes, community workshops which include; food preservation and cooking classes while learning about diabetes and its prevention.


Under the direction of our tribal elders past and present, we have created our diabetes team as a circle of continuous care for our people who choose us to assist them with their healthcare needs.

As a result, we embrace you taking action in your healthcare, educating yourself to keep your body strong, following your cultural teachings and experiencing your spirituality on a road to healing and wellness.

If you are interested in our offerings, please see your primary care provider and request a referral to our educational services with our pharmacists and dietitian.