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For life-threatening emergencies such as active chest pain, please call 911.

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Diagnostic Services

Waseem Bashir

Laboratory Administrator


7520 Totem Beach Rd
Tulalip, WA 98271

Diagnostic Services


Our nationally accredited lab provides essential testing to a level far above even the best primary care settings. High-tech machines allow basic and advanced blood work results while you wait.

  • Basic Labs: Basic Labs include blood counts, liver function, kidney function, electrolytes, urine analysis, urine drug screens, basic cytology and more.
  • Advanced Labs: Advanced Labs add immunochemistries to include glandular (like thyroid and prostate), chronic disease testing (such as Hepatitis C), and other common advanced testing such as H-pylori for stomach infection, A1C and A/C ratios for diabetes care.
  • Very Advanced/Specialized Labs: In-house testing on therapeutic drug levels such as those required for psychiatric and neurologic treatments, as well as a host of other specialized laboratory testing.


  • Digital X-Ray: This cutting-edge service streamlines the X-ray process and provides the clearest images possible through today’s advanced technology.
  • Spirometry: An in-office test that's usually found in pulmonology clinics used to determine lung function.
  • SonoSite Portable Ultrasound: SonoSite, the in-office, portable, non-invasive, ultrasound system which offers striking image quality to aid providers in visualizing details and improving the ability to differentiate structures, vessels and pathology. Current uses include fetal imaging, abscess evaluations, and ultrasound-guided joint injections; future applications may be bladder scans, aortic aneurysm and carotid artery screenings, gallstone assessment, rheumatologic diagnostic studies, and more.

Eligibility Requirements:

Tribal verification (Tribal ID or Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood)
Address verification (PUD/water/cable/cell phone bill, copy of lease, or letter from an individual you are residing with)
Birth certificate
Social Security card