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For life-threatening emergencies such as active chest pain, please call 911.

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Psychiatric Services Inquiries



7520 Totem Beach Rd
Tulalip, WA 98271

Psychiatric Services


To facilitate a healthier way of being by providing culturally sensitive psychiatric assessments and treatment of psychiatric illnesses.

Services Provided:

Medication management for depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, grief and loss, PTSD, psychotic disorders and any recognized psychiatric disorders.

  • Crisis assessment and management for inpatient hospitalization needs, triage needs of the member and referrals to appropriate department or outside agency.
  • Consultations with medical providers or other specialty departments.
  • Tribal and state disability assessments.
  • Medication management for ages 5 years and up.
  • Referrals to Family Haven, Chemical Dependency, Adult Mental Wellness, Child, Youth and Family Therapy


  • Ages 5 years and up, enrolled Tulalip or other federally recognized tribe.
  • It is beneficial to have health insurance.
  • Provide proof of Snohomish County address.
  • Provide tribal ID from eligible AI/AN of one of the following clinical family criteria:
    • A spouse or partner if an eligible AI/AN.
    • A person under age 19, or is an incapacitated adult; and is the natural or adopted child, step-child, foster-child, legal ward, or orphan of an eligible AI/AN.
    • A child in common, a foster or custodial child, or an adopted child placed within a family unit in which any member is an eligible AI/AN.
    • A non-native adult who has guardianship, custodial responsibility, or is acting in loco parentis (to assume the duties and responsibilities of a parent or acting as temporary guardian) for an eligible AI/AN minor.