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Referral Specialists




7520 Totem Beach Rd
Tulalip, WA 98271


  • Patient needs to make appointment to see doctor at the Tulalip Health Clinic.
  • The doctor determines if a referral is needed and if so, will write the referral in the EPIC system.
  • The referral goes in the Referral Specialist work queue.
  • The Referral Specialist will check the patient’s eligibility and insurance to determine where the patient can be referred to, and make sure an authorization to be seen by a specialist is processed before patient is notified.
  • The Referral Specialist will contact the patient by phone to notify them of how to schedule their appointment. If they are unable to reach anyone, the Referral Specialist will then write letter to patient with information about the referral and who to contact for their appointment.
  • It is the patient’s responsibility to notify the Referral Specialist of the day and time their appointment is scheduled for.

Failure to follow the process may result in nonpayment of your referral visit.