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  • NameKevin Lin

Kevin Lin, DDS

Dr. Lin was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area of California, to parents of Taiwanese descent. He received his Bachelor's degree from UC Berkeley, and attended dental school at the University of California, Los Angeles.
Dr. Lin believes prevention is always better than any dental work. In an ideal world, none of us would need our teeth fixed, but sugar is present in nearly all our foods in this day and age. To combat this, sugar-free gum (especially xylitol gum) and gentle thorough brushing of the gumline are good measures. In addition, limiting our consumption of foods and sugar to mealtimes (rather than spread frequently throughout the day) will greatly reduce our risk of getting cavities and tooth decay.
Dr. Lin also believes a healthy mouth is an important part of our overall health, since every part of the body is connected.
Dr. Lin's philosophy of care is to develop a comprehensive plan that takes into account both short-term and long-term goals of his patients.


Comprehensive General Treatment

Oral surgery






Doctor of Dental Surgery, University of California Los Angeles, 2012

Bachelor of Science, University of California Berkeley, 2008