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Leizel Sanford is a Registered Nurse for Tulalip Health System
  • NameLeizel Sanford

Leizel Sanford, BSN, RN

Leizel “Liz” Sanford has over twenty years of nursing experience, during which she has strived to provide compassionate care to underserved communities across various healthcare settings. She has worked in acute care, primary care, skilled nursing, medical-surgical units, and even home health services, allowing her to hone her skills and expertise to cater to diverse patient needs.

Liz holds a Bachelor's degree in Nursing from Western Governors University and a Bachelor's degree in Physical Therapy from Fatima University, giving her a comprehensive understanding of nursing and rehabilitative care.

Every day, Liz brings unwavering dedication and a heartfelt commitment to positively impact the lives of those she serves. When she is not in a clinical setting, Liz enjoys spending quality time with her family, staying active through Zumba, and exploring the wonders of travel.

Liz's nursing journey is marked by a deep sense of purpose and a holistic approach to healing. She looks forward to continuing this journey, touching lives, and making a difference wherever she goes.